Which Comes First?

Should a building project be complete before you buy artwork and accessories for it? If you are redecorating, does everything have to be planned or is there room for an impulse buy of something that grabs your attention when you aren’t expecting it?

That question came to mind when I recently posted a news item about winning an award at the November 2014 New England Fine Furnishings Show in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The award was Best of Show in the Accessory – Body of Work category. The judges said “Her rugs are a convergence of color and pattern that could inspire a room rather than finish it. The contemporary lines and graphics are timeless.”

It was the judges’ (three of them) comment that my designs could inspire a room rather than finish it that is the basis for this blog post. Often at shows people will see my rugs and comment that they are in the process of redecorating, adding onto their house, building a new house, etc. They might see a rug they really like, but say they want to wait and see how their project progresses. I have told many a potential buyer that if they see something they really fall in love with, whether it be one of my rugs or another artist’s work, it might be wise to buy it and work it in. Later they may wish they had succumbed to their impulse and bought the piece when it was readily available. Some of my most prized possessions were impulse buys of objects for which I had no place, but I was inspired to create a place for them.

So, which comes first – an item of decor or the place to put it?

I am not saying you should always buy your art or other items of decor first. What I am suggesting is that you keep an open mind when you do see something you fall in love with, even if it is before your project begins or before it is finished.


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