Handwoven Rug versus Mass Produced Rug

You might very well wonder why you should pay a much heftier price for a limited edition or one of a kind handwoven area rug instead of purchasing a perfectly nice looking mass produced area rug from a big box store or a chain store that has purchasing power that allows it to charge a much lower price.

When you buy a handmade item of any kind directly from the artist or artisan, you are getting something special. In all likelihood a great deal of heart and energy went into making a unique item.

Speaking specifically of my own products, handwoven area rugs, owning and displaying one of them makes a statement about your taste in decor. My rugs are generally woven in rich colors. They add a dash of color to your residence or office. You are buying a piece of art. An added bonus is that my rugs are reversible with the colors being in reverse position on each side. In essence you are getting two rugs of the same color combination, but with a different “feel.” Durability is also an important factor.

My slogan is “Art Underfoot.” I need to find a slogan that works for wall hangings, too, because some of my customers do prefer to use my rugs on the wall.

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