Clone Me Now!

I’m not the first person to wish for clones of oneself. There are aspects of my business that I truly wish I had clones for.

In a perfect world I would just design and weave my area rugs and wall hangings and let someone else do the business and paperwork end of it. In an even more perfect world I could just afford to hire real people to do those things.

The things I would want a surrogate to do are: filing tax forms, filling out show applications, figuring out which shows I should even apply to, recording expenses, income, etc. And here is a big one; while I’m wishing, why not wish for someone to drive my merchandise, booth and related paraphernalia to my to shows and set it all up for me. I would just fly in, do the show, have fun talking to all the attendees, hopefully sell some rugs, and fly home at the end, letting my clone pack it all up and get it to the next place or back home. A friend pointed out that if I had all these various clones I would have to feed and house them, or if they were mechanical robots there would be maintenance issues. Okay, that means I’d need a robot or clone with mechanical abilities, too. Whatever it takes!

While I’m wishing for surrogates to do all these chores, I’d wish for ones to take care of yard work and housecleaning. I’m wishing for the moon here! It’s not that I am lazy; it’s just that I would love to put all my time and energy into designing and weaving. There are exceptions. I do like to cook (although not every day – leftovers, or planned-overs are great on some days). I enjoy spending time with my sweetie, Jeff. I  like to socialize with friends, and I like to exercise. I go to the gym at least twice a week and I row (scull) on Humboldt Bay about four times a week.  After all, I do have to maintain physical fitness so that I can weave on my heavy-duty rug loom. For those activities I wouldn’t want a clone. Many people look at exercise as drudgery, but not me. My rowing activities are the subject of a future blog.

Now that I have vented, it’s time to get back to work in my “real” world. Life is good! I recently finished the last rug of 2013 and I have started the first one of 2014. They are a companion pair, which I’ll post photos of when the current one is finished. If my surrogate doesn’t get that post up, look for them on my web site.

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