To Date or Not to Date

This is not about my social life, but is about whether to weave the year a rug was woven into the hem. After having woven 104 wool area rugs, I learned a good technique for weaving my initials into the hem of my 105th rug. It was a commissioned piece and I asked the client if she would like the year woven in. She declined. My dilemma is that if a rug sits in my inventory for a long time, would having the year woven in be detrimental to a sale? Would the rug be viewed as being “old” and therefore a potential bargaining point? Some of my best and favorite rugs took a long time to sell and had to wait for just the right buyer. I don’t think those were deemed to be of less value. For future commissions I will most likely weave it in next to my initials, but I’m not so sure about rugs in my general inventory. I would be interested in feedback.

Here is a photo of my initials woven into the hem.IMG_1318

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